ASUS designs commercial notebooks for SMB customers who need affordable devices that are not only powerful but durable and with exemplary battery life. For extended usage ASUS has developed removable and replaceable batteries on many of our commercial models to ensure that our SMB customers can keep working, with our without an outlet.


Fas t- grow ing business es have
challenging IT needs that evolve
rapidly. ASUS realizes the importance
of reliability, mobility and flexibility
in today’s competitive environment,
where productivity returns are
the key benchmark for investment
decisions. That’s why at ASUS, we
never stop innovating. The ASUSPRO
Business Series has been developed
with your business needs in mind —
whatever they are, and however you
prioritize them.

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Asus Pro P1440FA-3410 14″HD/i3-8145U/UMA/4GB/1TB/DOS/No ODD/1y OSS

39,990.00 31,617.00

Asus Pro P1440FA-3410Z 14″HD/i3-8145U/UMA/4GB/1TB/DOS/ODD/1y OSS

41,990.00 32,833.00

Asus Pro P1440FA-3410ZH 14″HD/i3-8145U/UMA/4GB/1TB/WinH/1y OSS

42,990.00 34,050.00

Asus Pro P1440FA-5410 14″HD/i5-8265U/UMA/4GB/1TB/DOS/No ODD/1y OSS

52,990.00 40,132.00

Asus Pro P1440FA-5410Z 14″HD/i5-8265U/UMA/4GB/1TB/DOS/ODD/1y OSS warranty

53,990.00 41,349.00

Asus Pro P1440FA-5810 14″HD/i5-8265U/UMA/8GB/1TB/1y

55,990.00 43,173.00

Asus Pro P1440FA-5810Z 14″HD/i5-8265U/UMA/8GB/1TB/1y

57,990.00 44,390.00

Asus Pro P1440FA-FQ0352R 14″HD/i3-8145U/UMA/4GB/1TB/WIN10 pro/No ODD/AC/3y OSS

55,990.00 40,132.00

Asus Pro P1440FA-FQ0537R 14″HD/i5-8265U/4GB/1TB/WIN10 PRO

66,990.00 52,297.00

Asus Pro P1440FA-FQ0538R 14″HD/i5-8265U/UMA/8GB/1TB/WIN10 pro/No ODD/3y OSS

69,990.00 55,338.00

Asus PRO P5440FA-5810P 14″FHD/i5-8265U/UMA/8GB/1TB/WIN10 pro/No ODD//1y OSS warranty

87,990.00 71,761.00

Asus PRO P5440FA-7812P 14″FHD/i7-8565/UMA/8GB/1TB+256SATA/WIN10 pro/No ODD/1y OSS

102,990.00 85,142.00

Asus PRO P5440FA-BM0544T 14″FHD/i5-8265U/UMA/8GB/512SSD/WIN10

73,990.00 60,813.00

Asus PRO P5440FA-BM0581R 14″FHD/i5-8265U/UMA/8GB/512SSD/WIN10 Pro

96,990.00 74,194.00