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The world’s smallest colorful 15” Ultrabook1

Whether at work or play, ASUS VivoBook 15 is the compact laptop that immerses you in whatever you set out to do. Its new frameless four-sided NanoEdge display boasts an ultraslim 5.7mm bezel, giving an amazing 88% screen-to-body ratio for supremely immersive visuals. The new ErgoLift hinge design also tilts the keyboard up for more comfortable typing. VivoBook 15 is powered by up to the latest Intel® Core i7 processor with discrete NVIDIA® graphics and dual storage drives to help you get things done with the least amount of fuss. What’s more, it’s available in four unique finishes to suit your style.

X512DA-EJ438T 90NB0LZ2-M05900
X512DA-EJ439T 90NB0LZ6-M05910
X512DA-EJ440T 90NB0LZ3-M05920
X512DA-EJ449T 90NB0LZ2-M06040
X512DA-EJ501T 90NB0LZ2-M11440
X512DA-EJ502T 90NB0LZ3-M11410
X512DA-EJ503T 90NB0LZ6-M11420
X512DA-EJ504T 90NB0LZ7-M11450
X512FA-EJ547T 90NB0KR7-M09780
X512FA-EJ548T 90NB0KR6-M07750
X512FA-EJ548T 90NB0KR6-M09790
X512FA-EJ549T 90NB0KR2-M07760
X512FA-EJ549T 90NB0KR2-M09800
X512FA-EJ550T 90NB0KR3-M07770
X512FA-EJ550T 90NB0KR3-M09810
X512FA-EJ555T 90NB0KR2-M16540
X512FL-EJ190T 90NB0M92-M02420
X512FL-EJ197T 90NB0M93-M02540
X512FL-EJ198T 90NB0M96-M02550
X512FL-EJ199T 90NB0M92-M02560
X512FL-EJ200T 90NB0M96-M02570
X512FL-EJ201T 90NB0M93-M02580
X512FL-EJ202T 90NB0M92-M02590
X512FL-EJ203T 90NB0M93-M02600
X512FL-EJ204T 90NB0M96-M02610
X512FL-EJ205T 90NB0M92-M02620
X512FL-EJ206T 90NB0M93-M02630
X512FL-EJ207T 90NB0M96-M02640
X512FL-EJ501T 90NB0M92-M05370
X512FL-EJ502T 90NB0M93-M05380
X512FL-EJ503T 90NB0M96-M05390
X512FL-EJ504T 90NB0M97-M05440
X512FL-EJ511TS 90NB0M92-M09580
X512FL-EJ701T 90NB0M92-M05450
X512FL-EJ702T 90NB0M93-M05460
X512FL-EJ703T 90NB0M96-M05470
X512FL-EJ704T 90NB0M97-M05480
X512UA-EJ418T 90NB0K82-M06210


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