ASUS 10W Adapter Micro-USB Cable

Cable Length :  900mm
Compatibility  : ZenFone 3 Deluxe / ZenFone 3 Ultra
ZenFone 3 Zoom / ZenFone AR
ZenFone 4 / ZenFone 4 Pro
Package Contents:
1. Length of the Micro-USB cable: 900mm
2. Adapter

1,800.00 950.00

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Convenient Micro-USB charging for your mobile device

  • 2A Fast Charger with Micro USB Cable
  • Hi speed USB data-transfer with up to 480mbps
  • 90cm Tangle-free Cable




Charge any mobile device with a Micro-USB connector using this handy AC adaptor, which provides a stable 5V ⎓ 2A output and up to 10W of power.


Over temperature protection  Over-voltage protection  Over-current protection   Short circuit protection         Power saving

*Each package provides one type of adapter and one cable


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